What happens when business planing goes wrong?

What Happens When Business Planning Goes Wrong?

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My Experience

Your excited and anxious to be starting a new business. This is how I felt, I can remember these feelings exactly. One of the things that I learned about myself while starting my consulting firm is that I was great at planning.

The other thing that I learned during the process of starting my business is that I really liked planning especially when things in my business weren’t moving forward. Planning helped me feel productive.  For example, I remember launching my business thinking customers would just come. As time passed, I decided I would make plans to redesign my website, that’s it.

So, I began planning, the feeling of being let down had completely gone away, at least I thought. I began to realize every time my business was on pause I would begin planning whether it be designing course content, or planning my next marketing strategy.

I know what you are thinking, what’s wrong with planning? 

Isn’t planning what most businesses are expected to do to become successful? Well, it depends, if you’re using planning as a sense of accomplishment like I was. Then, you’re building a false sense of success with no progress. Yes, you should be making plans but it shouldn’t be driven by idle time to feel productive. Planning can work against you in this way.

Instead, here are 5 tips to planning:

Before planning, determine why these plans are important and the benefits.

•Make goals, and plan around these goals.

•Create a best practice to make new plans after each goal has been successfully accomplished.

•Planning requires assessment, which helps you from making too many changes, too quickly. Honestly, some things we plan simply needs time.

•Never plan while being emotionally unstable meaning, frustrated, angry, confused, or tired. Wait until your emotions are no longer an issue, and then began the planning process.

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