Staying Engaged with Customers in a Social Media World

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Social media has changed the way many companies do business today. Businesses are busy connecting with customers through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as many others, to advertise or build their brand. But, there are many companies that quickly pause their engagement with customers after the sale or until the next post.

So, is this excellent customer service? Some people might think if the customer was satisfied with their product and service then yes. Don’t get me wrong customers want quality product and service that’s a given. But, customer service goes beyond delivering the satisfaction of a product or service. Customers really want to engage with the companies they’re spending their money with.

They’re looking to build relationships with business owners they can trust, and that care. In other words, customers don’t want to be just a number. One of the many reasons Mom and Pop businesses do so well is that they get to know their customers personally. Well after the sell is over, many of them remember their customer’s birthdays and during the holiday season, they send out cards and small gifts. Social media is a great way to engage with customers but don’t limit the way you connect with your customers.

So, how do you stay engaged?

•Find ways to communicate with online customers on Skype or Google Hangouts to build more of a connection.

•Instead of liking a post or commenting openly, send a personal message during birthdays or during significant events in their life.

•When working with clients online or sending products keep constant communication of the progress and processes.

•Mail personalized thank you notes and send small gifts to show appreciation.

•Send emails to ask customers to rate your product and services, and ask for suggestions on how to help your company improve for the future.

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Small Business Help with Growth & Development