3 Business Growth Tips

3 Business Tips To Growing Your Business

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Success stories that we read today can make starting a business look easy. But, if you ever started a business, you know that business is a process.  There are three stages to starting a business that is important.

Planning Stage

The planning stage is the first step and the stage where you’ll spend a lot of time branding your business from choosing the name of your business, creating business processes, who will be on your team, the location, and the likes. For most of us, this is the fun stage because we’re in control, and progression depends on the business owner, and his or her motivation to finish the task to get the business open.  It might be a stressful period if funds are lacking. However, the planning stage is where your motivation is at an all-time high.


Tip 1:  Plan carefully, but don’t spend too much time in the planning stages just because it feels good to see the progression. This can happen especially when you don’t know what to do next. Immediately, begin to execute your plans and get help. You need a team to build a successful business.


The Grand Opening

Now, you’re ready to open your business and this called the waiting period. You’re no longer in control. The test is you must sell your services or products and hope customers are interested. This period can produce the greatest pain because you get a reality check. Customers aren’t going to come because you have a good idea or product.  Entrepreneurs you must work hard to earn customer’s trust and that can be difficult.


Tip 2: In this phase, you need to make an assessment in your business at least weekly. Since this area can be frustrating, you might be making mistakes or not doing enough, and weekly assessments will help redirect your business and allow changes to be made in a timely manner. During this phase, you need a mentor.



You feel you’ve done all that you can but not where you want to be within your business. This brings most entrepreneurs to the third stage, which is uncertainty. This stage you wonder if your business is going to make it. You’re probably ready to give up. Chances are, you’ve probably looked at too many social media success stories, that has made you believe you should be successful by now. The reality is a lot of people that share their business success stories don’t share their struggle story.


Tip 3: Make sure the business you choose is something you have passion in. Don’t give up, keep pursuing your dreams understand to develop a successful business comes in stages. You can get there but, you must put in work. Keep trying, stay focused, and have fun while doing it. Remember life and business are what you make it.


If you have any questions about growing your business, please feel free to send an email to training@talburyconsultants.com.



Small Business Help with Growth & Development

Small Business Help with Growth & Development