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Turning Fear into Fuel

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Why do we fear? We fear simply because we face the unknown. Fear harasses many of us with pondering questions like:

•I never did this before; will I be successful?

•Do I sound, right?

•I don’t seem to know more than others, should I wait to gain more knowledge?

Failure, Escape, Accept, Resist

When we’re faced with fear we believe we’ll fail. The idea of failure makes us want to escape, which allows us to accept and eventually resist change and the challenge.

Fear makes us question our existence if we allow it. The good news is fear is common for everyone especially when we leave our comfort zone.

So, how do you turn fear into fuel? Here is a list of ways to do just that.

Acknowledge your fear but, simply stop running every time you experience the feeling of fear, face it.

Stop caring about what others think and trust yourself. Write an article or share a thought on social media and go off your feelings alone. This gives you practice in letting go of fear.

Write a list of the fears you’re dealing with that is stopping your progress, and allow yourself to get mad about it. Then do something about it. Believe it or not, you’ve done this already. Ever seen people having success and you not so much. Quickly you get fed up and fear is displaced, and you did something about it.

Learn to motivate yourself when fear is present. Think about what you’ve already accomplished or the positive things you did. This will help to redirect your feelings.

Never get comfortable and allow yourself to be challenged often and you will learn to embrace fear as it comes.

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